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About Us

About Us

Technicolor Rural Country Tour & Safari is a reputed tour and travel company driven by the passion to take you across the spectacular land called India and specially Rajasthan. Anyone who associates with us gets to experience the essence of the land, observe the diverse lifestyles of people of multiple faiths and partake in varied fun activities. While designing a Rajasthan tour package for our clients, we take care of tickets, accommodation (in Heritage Hotels owned by the Royal Rajput families), food requirements, and other facilities. Some of our packages just for adventurers include

  • Tented campsites set up in captivating locations offering a chance to get to know the environment better.
  • A jeep safari adventure
  • Ride on the famed Marwari Horses through the discreet rural locations of this lovely and significant state of Rajasthan.

We are more a companion and less a service provider. Our company makes it a point to make sure you experience is exclusive and inclusive of

  • Land & Air Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Special Exploring
  • Amusement(Entertainment)
  • Ethnic dinners & Smoking Barbecues
  • Hiking (mountaineering) & Cycling
  • Edifying Rural & Cultural Tour
  • Natural exploration with Horses
  • Elephants, Jeep and Camel safari

Along with Multilingual guides & 24Ã7 dedicated team comprehending all your requirements making the journey one of its kind.

Individually Tailored Solutions
We understand each client is different. Therefore, we do our best to offer individually tailored Tours to ensure unique demands of clients are met. We can provide an escape from daily routine help you indulge in fun filled activities, and take you to remote places; vibrant villages as well as families owned Havellies and majestic Forts. Insightful instructions from our staff as per your wishes can further fashion your Indian experience more pleasurable but individual.

We work as a team to accomplish the solitary goal of making your visit unlike any other to our celebrated land of royals, sagas & folklore of brave, mighty Rajput warriors, opulently cultural cities and vivid villages rich of heritage. We pledge to deliver service global standard and request you to explore our state.

Our motto is âThe guest is equivalent to Godâ. Hence, we do our best to prosper through communication as your recommendation and knowledge are of utmost importance to us.